Silver Lakes Solar Street Lighting

Silver Lakes Solar Street Lighting


The Zager Global, Inc. completed solar street lighting for the Silver Lakes Solar Street Lighting Project in Pembroke Pines, FL in November of 2012. This project consisted of the installation of 38 solar-powered street lights for the community of Silver Lakes in Pembroke Pines, FL.

The solar street lights and batteries are capable of providing 4.3 days of autonomy in the event that there are multiple, consecutive cloudy days where the solar panels do not receive sufficient sunlight during the day to fully recharge the batteries for use at night..

Each solar street light system consists of:
1 – 22-foot composite pole top-rated for 150mph winds
1 – 120 watt solar panel
1 – 140Ah AGM battery and battery enclosure
1 – light/charge controller
1 – 20 watt high-efficiency LED lighting fixture

Solar street lights hold several advantages over conventional grid-powered street lights including:
– Solar Street lights do not depend on the utility gird and as a result the operational costs are minimized
– Solar street lights require less maintenance compared to conventional street lights
– Risk of electrical shock or other accidents are minimized since external wires are eliminated
– Since solar power street lights are powered by solar panels, there are no harmful emissions

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