Boiler Installation and Boiler Retrofitting

BoilerInstallationandRetrofittingWe specialize in gas-fired boiler installation and boiler retrofit solutions for replacing centralized water heating and boiler systems in commercial businesses, hotels & resorts, condos, correctional facilities and restaurants.

With our years of experience in installation, repairing and retrofitting of boilers, we can provide the precise solution to whatever boiler application you need.

We are regularly called on to install, repair and retrofit gas-fired boilers used for HVAC heating and hot water in hotels, government facilities, condominiums, resorts and more. Dale Zager has been a registered Master Plumber since 1984, his experience and dedication has led our growth and formation of a team of professionals with a reputation for craft mastery and efficiency.

At Zager Global, Inc. we take take pride in delivering the highest quality hot water and steam systems at competitive price points that will fit your budget.

Our master plumber Dale Zager has been licensed since 1984 and is a third-generation plumber.

He has meticulously trained and mentored our employees to maintain the exceptionally high standards that we hold for ourselves.

We are ready to deliver the design, engineering, energy-efficient equipment, installation, start-up and scheduled maintenance that will bring you a turnkey solution to all of your boiler applications.

With our commercial plumbing experience, we have successfully designed and built commercial plumbing systems for large resorts, hotels, condominium high rises, and more.

Our portfolio is diverse and our team has multi-faceted expertise.

We serve commercial and industrial businesses in the United States and Internationally. This includes the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize and Netherland Antilles.

We design and build plumbing systems of all sizes and for all applications . We have a full fleet of trucks and full commercial shipping capabilities that save you time and money.

We offer and recommend HDPE Fusion Welding Systems over other systems due to the following advantages:
  • Domestic and commercial steam and hot water boiler systems
  • System design within budgetary requirements
  • Evaluation of alternative energy efficient equipment choices
  • System load calculations
  • R.O.I. analysis
  • Retrofit solutions to increase savings

We look forward to being of service to you.

Please review our website for more details and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or we can be of help in any way.

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