Energy Efficiency Team Center


Zager Global, Inc. completed the turnkey installation of a 26.4kW photovoltaic system at the Energy Efficiency Team Center located in Plantation, FL. The Zager Team worked with renowned solar expert Dr. Roger Messenger, P.E. of FAE Consulting, who provided engineered drawings for the PV project. The PV system consists of thin film solar laminates that adhere directly to the roof without the need for any penetrations. There are 96 Global Solar PowerFLEX 275-watt solar modules that feed 2 Solectria 13kW inverters. These solar moduleswork well in low light conditions and minimize installation time and costs due to the absence of a conventional racking system.

This project was funded by a government grant provided to the City of Plantation. In addition to the installation of the solar PV system, Zager Global will also serve as the plumbing contractor for this new construction project which also includes a rainwater harvesting system which diverts captured rainwater into two 1,500-gallon underground cisterns.

About the Project

City of Plantation
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