Solar Electric Photovoltaic Systems

Solar  electric Photovoltaic Systems

Zager Global specializes in providing turnkey solar electric photovoltaic systems and power solutions for commercial, government, and utility projects.

Our solar division, led by Dale Zager who is a State of Florida Certified Solar Contractor (CVC56804), is capable of providing performance-based systems that will be the most cost effective to the owner. Our systems are designed and installed to meet the stringent wind loading requirements in Florida and throughout the Caribbean.

Our installation team can provide code-compliant solar PV power solutions including global solar EPC contracts for the following applications:

Grid-Tied Systems

A grid-tied or grid-connected system is interconnected to the utility grid. Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity which is then fed through power conditioning equipment called an inverter. This converts the DC electricity into AC electricity, which can then be used to provide power to the PV system owner. If there is any surplus energy generated during the day, its surplus can then be sold back to the local utility for a credit.

Grid-Tied w/ Battery Backup Systems

This type of PV system is similar to a regular grid-tied system, except in a grid-tied w/ battery backup there is an added battery bank that can provide emergency backup power in the event there is no sun or the utility grid goes down. These systems are more appropriate for business systems that require uninterrupted power.

Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid systems are not connected to the grid. There are a variety of applications that can range from solar-powered street lights to hybrid systems for residential neighborhoods in island communities where there is no available electricity grid, or if there is a grid it is either unreliable or cost-prohibitive.

The Zager Global, Inc. project management team has successfully completed a multitude of projects including commercial ground-mount systems, government roof-mount systems, residential solar carport/canopy systems, and solar-powered street lighting for property management companies.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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Completed Commercial Solar Projects

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