commercial plumbing experts zager global For over twenty six years, Zager Global, Inc. has provided top level commercial plumbing services that span every conceivable scenario and job scope in the United States and around the world, specializing in developing and installing advanced commercial plumbing systems.

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zager global marina plumbing servicesWhether the project requires replacing obsolete piping to handling the most involved underground utility applications we have the experience, manpower and materials to see it through to your satisfaction and to exceed expectations.

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HDPE Pipe and Fusion WeldingFor marinas and underground utilities* The Zager Global arsenal includes a variety of McElroy Fusion Welders for any size of HDPE pipe. We are fully equipped to handle your project specifications.

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Boiler Installation and Boiler RetrofittingWe specialize in gas-fired boiler installation and boiler retrofit solutions for replacing centralized water heating and boiler systems in commercial businesses, hotels & resorts, condos, correctional facilities and restaurants.

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