Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Systems

Commercial solar hot water systems: the affordable solar hot water choice for all of your commercial buildings.

We routinely provide cost-effective solar hot water solutions for all types of commercial buildings including hotels, resorts, hospitals, medical clinics, government facilities, agricultural farms and other commercial buildings.

Our solar division has extensive experience designing and installing solar hot water systems for hotels and resorts; which deliver domestic hot water for guest rooms, swimming pools, health clubs, laundry services, and restaurants. Zager Global, Inc. can also work in conjunction with your engineering firm to design and install overall energy reduction programs that can cut energy costs substantially and reduce the carbon footprint of your facilities by a significant amount. Using federal and state tax incentives for renewable energy systems, an installation of this nature can pay for itself in three to five years, offering a great return on the investment.

We are fully capable of working with you on any project ranging from simple add-on systems to major redesign of hot water infrastructure for better management of hotel and resort hot water resources. The same sort of systems we have utilized in hotels and resorts can be duplicated for other buildings such as recreation centers, correctional facilities, farms, government buildings… right on down to the small business that uses hot water on a daily basis. We can design and install for you the right solar hot water system to reduce energy consumption and conserve water resources.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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Completed Commercial Solar Projects

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