Dale Zager

Dale Zager

Dale Zager is the Owner, Founder and President of Zager Global, Inc. Dale has successfully communicated his vision and goals to his team of dedicated employees for over twenty five years.

Dale is responsible for estimating and securing contracts then developing and leading the strategy that our company implements on any given project. Additional duties include managing all site quality and safety issues, on site schedules, staging and logistics planning, and the management of all self-performed work. Dale also coordinates and supervises the activities of all of the plumbers and makes sure that all necessary equipment and materials are on site. Dale manages all personnel as required to successfully complete the project on time and within budget.

With thirty five years in the plumbing & construction industry Dale is well-known and highly respected in the plumbing and solar community with a proven track record of superior performance.

Having started his own business: Zager Plumbing, Inc. in 1989 and prior to that worked for Zager Plumbing & Heating (his grandfather and father’s company), Dale is a third generation plumber who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each and every project.

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